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The Audible - week 13 - WAIVER WIRE SPECIAL (1 Viewer)

Positional breakdown is how I feel about picking them up based on other WW pickups at their position (1: GET HIM, 5: avoid)

LT is the long term view for 2008 (1: a guy that will have value for the rest of the year, 5: a guy that may be good for a week or two)

Here's the list of guys we mentioned on the show:


Kevin Kolb QB: 2, LT: 2

McNabb starts on Turkey day, but Kevin could start the Sunday after that.

Trent Green QB: 5, LT: 5


Drew Stanton/Drew Henson QB: 5, LT: 5

If Trent Green was inebriated during a game he would still be better than Henson.

Derek Anderson QB: 4, LT: 4

Crennel says that Quinn will have a longer leash.


Ricky Williams RB: 2, LT: 3

somewhat obvious, but leagues with small benches may see RW out there.

Maurice Morris RB: 2, LT: 3

staying healthy and their only RB getting production.

Ladell Betts RB: 2, LT: 4

Portis banged up every week, when does it catch up to him?

LeRon McClain RB: 2, LT: 2

the most reliable of all the Baltimore backs, proceed with caution.

Tatum Bell RB: 3, LT: 3

Hillis is the back to own, Bell will get worked in more - no goalline work, but maybe he breaks a long one.

Tashard Choice RB: 4, LT: 4

the clear handcuff to MBIII, powerful back needs to watch the fumbling.

Adrian Peterson (CHI) RB: 4, LT: 4

Kevin Jones a healthy scratch for 2 weeks, lunch pail guy may get more work to lessen the load on Forte.

Ryan Moats RB: 3, LT: 4

Ahman Green is hurt, door is open for another late season Texans RB.

Mewelde Moore/Gary Russell RB: 3, LT: 3

could we see a 3 headed RBBC, FWP carries, MeMo 3dback, Russell goalline??

Jamaal Charles RB: 3, LT: 3

big play weapon in the Pistol offense.

Lorenzo Booker RB: 4, LT: 4

Westy dinged, CBuck with another knee injury but can Booker take advantage?

Chris Henry (TEN) RB: 3, LT: 5

LenDale's big mouth may get Henry in as the RB2 behind LBJ.


Anthony Gonzalez WR: 2, LT: 3

Harrison still involved, but a few big games left for AG in 2008.

Mark Clayton WR: 4, LT: 5

Ravens don't need to pass a ton, a healthy Mason reduces MCs value.

Malcolm Floyd WR: 3, LT: 3

good for a big play here and there, only one ball to go around in San Diego.

Malcolm Kelly WR: 4, LT: 5

LOVE his talent, but want to see him stay healthy. more dynasty than redraft value.

Domenik Hixon WR: 3, LT: 3

can you say Plaxi-who???

Andre Caldwell/Jerome Simpson WR: 5, LT: 5

if Palmer comes back young guys could get in over disappointing Henry.

Harry Douglas WR: 3, LT: 4

Roddy is great, Jenkins is solid, Douglas is fearless and can make big plays.


Heath Miller TE: 1, LT: 1

frustrated owner may have dropped him.

Jerramy Stevens TE: 2, LT: 3

gets an F- as a human being, around a C in the world of fantasy football.

Marcedes Lewis TE: 3, LT: 4

if you MUST have someone from the Jags passing game not named Dr Rockzo.

Brent Celek TE: 4, LT: 4

Not a fan.

Dante Rosario TE: 4, LT: 4

love his work ethic/attitude but numbers are inconsistent as the day is long.

Thanks for listening! :shrug:


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