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The Drive Block - Live Call-In Audible at 10 eastern tonight (1 Viewer)

Is Reggie Brown going to get targets when he's healthy? Or will the Iggles stick with the hot hand?

Do the Jaguars new linemen have any chance at success once they have a chance to settle in? Or is that just a lost cause?

Koren Robinson loooked good to me last year when he was on the field in Green Bay. Does he have a chance in Seattle? (BTW, as of this morning, KoRo wasn't even listed as a player on Sportsline -- now that's a sleeper...)

Is it true that defenses are letting Chris Johnson run wild just so they don't have to face LenDale White?

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Which Irish-American quarterback will JT O'Sullivan most end up resembling (on the field): John Elway, Jim McMahon, or Joey Harrington?

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Do you guys feel Lorenzo Booker is a viable handcuff to Brian Westbrook? If Westy were to go down, would it be a committee of Bcukhalter getting between the tackles yardage, Hunt getting the TDs and Booker getting the receptions? Or would Booker get some rushing yardage and TDs as well?

I've got Wetsbrook on a team with 10 starters and a very short bench, I'm holding on to LBooker over picking up some viable flex options right now. It is a PPR league so it feels prudent, but the short bench makes me thin at other positions because of this.


I'm curious as to Bryant Johnson's long term prospects as a WR1 in Martz's offense. What do you guys think?

Thanks. Love the show ... it really ties the room together.

3 questions, if you don't mind:

Going forward, Randy Moss or Anquin Boldin going to score more in PPR?

Matt Jones...going to stay the or at least one of the main targets in Jax?

Josh Morgan...is he worth rostering in a 12-team league (PPR) ?

I'd like to know your thoughts on the following injured players. Ryan Torain and Bobby Engram (in PPR) Should they be snatched up now off of waivers? Will they be fantasy gold when returning from injury?

Additionally on O'Sullivan... Pick one for the rest of the year to backup Warner assuming 6pts for passing TDs, bonus for long TDs, bonus for >300 yards passing, NO pts. off for INTs. J.T. O'Sullivan or Jake Delhomme


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Great show last week. Wanted to get in early this time as I have a couple questions...

What are some realistic expectations for Jerricho Cotchery this year? 4 catches on 9 Targets through 2 games... Favre is averaging 24 passing attemps per game so far. Do you expect his attemps to go up or will the Jets continue to rely on solid Defensive play and a ball control Offense?

Is Chester Taylor even rosterable for a non-ADP owner in leagues with short benches? While Gold if ADP goes down, he is unplayable when Peterson is healthy.

EDIT: Just saw ADP missed Practice today... :confused:

Was the 2007 Season a Fluke for Braylon Edwards? If Anderson can't cut it, what happens to Edwards' Value when Quinn gets the starting nod?

Great Show. Love the Work!

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Will the Chiefs ever draft a first round QB or be able to develop QB for that matter? How much longer will Carl Peterson last as the GM before he get Herminated?

Will any team be able to coax Bill Cowher out of retirement next year? If so, who and why?

Can Aaron Rodgers or Phillip Rivers keep up the incredible pace they are on?

Why is it that people just can not accept the death of the Stud RB Theory in FF?

What is being done to correct disparities in the forecasting and running the variable spreadsheets offered on the FBG website for next year? Overall the tool is excellent but has major gaps in dollar values for players based on forecasted production.

What ever happened to the proposed R&R express in Miami tandem of Ricky and Ronnie or is there still hope?

Great show and looking forward to the next segment!

Will Brandon Marshall get suspended again for his DUI or upcoming charges in Georgia?

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16 team league and we start 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE and a flex in a non-PPR scoring system that counts return yards. Do I have the depth at WR to trade Eddie Royal (Megatron, Roddy White, Chris Henry) to upgrade at TE (Zach Miller)? RBs are RunDMC, Dis Mah Son, Chester Taylor as well as some lesser handcuffs (Betts, JHester, Weaver).


Mr. Deltoid

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Is benching LT feasible right now? My RBs are Parker, Edge, Hightower, Morris and Sproles. I am 0-4 in this FFOC league and another low LT week will effectively end my season.

How about benching Edwards for Royal this week? How about benching Bowe with all their problems at QB? At this point I have very little faith in Edwards and tons in Royal, especially against the Saints DBs.


1) Is it time to give up on Zach Miller and Owen Daniels for someone like Randy McMichael or John Carlson?

2) What do you think about Antonio Bryant and Bryant Johnson from here on out?

What do you think of Michael Turner going forward? Is he closer to the guy who rushed for 200 yards in Week 1 or the guy who rushed for 40 yards in Week 2?

Is Calvin Johnson the #1 in Detroit now? Will Roy Williams accept being bumped to #2 without causing problems?

What's the story behind "dis mah son"?


In PPR league,... who do you see having more value this year: John Carlson or Todd Heap?

Patrick Crayton or David Patten.....which would you rather start this week, and moving forward when Colston returns, does your opinion change?

How long before you think we will get a glimpse of Brady Quinn as starter for the Cleveland Browns?

Just a few questions i'd like to hear you guys discuss.

Love the show, thx~!

Great stuff, one quick question.

Is it time to give up on T. Ginn, with or without Pennington?


Brandon Marshall's court date isn't until November. Sounds a whole lot like Travis Henry's situation. Plus he was expecting the charges to be filed anyway. Do you really see this having an impact this season?

can't listen till the recording.

Sproles? Long term, over the next 2years? Stays in SD?

What about this week? Sproles over SJax?

Any other lurkers out there that may be starting this year or next?

Like henne? Josh Johnson? Kolb? Either where they are or somewhere new?

fellas, dynasty QB questions here:

i am trying to acquire kevin kolb in a 12 team salary cap dynasty league. i dont have any idea what to expect from kolb, so if you could give me his upside and what kind of WR or RB i may have to dish for him i would appreciate it. his contract is for $6 so he is very cap friendly.

my qbs are favre, kerry collins, and shaun hill on 1 year deals with brohm on the taxi, so i am in bad shape, but we start 16 players, 8 on both sides of the ball, so it is mitigated somewhat. still, if i knew what kolb was likely to become i would feel more confident in making the deal.

this guy wont take draft picks, and his roster is very strong, but he has eli and ben locked up for 4 years with friendly cap figures so he doesnt need kolb. he has little depth at WR/RB even though he has studs for starters.

the other guy i was going after was cutler but i thought i would have to trade mendenhall to do it. would you make that deal? mendy is on my taxi right now, and he has willie parker. my starters right now are westbrook and chris johnson with very little to back up those 2.

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Hey guys, great show!

Please peer into your crystal ball and tell me...

What's the outlook for Cincinatti's band of dysfunctional brothers (Ocho Cinco, Palmer, Housh, and Perry)? Are any of them going to be relevant to the fantasy world any time soon?

Also, how should we proceed with Steven Jackson? Buy? Sell? Hold? How concerned should dynasty owners be?


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So you started 0-2... When should you blow up your team and trade away your stud versus when should you stand pat and weather the storm?

Or so you've started 2-0...congrats, but if you have X you might want to trade high and get someone with more stability.

In a redraft, start 2 QB league, would you trade Kitna for Big Ben (or even Palmer - who's very "buy low") - INT only count -1 point. (Brees is my #1). Is Ben's injury that worrisome?

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Hey Guys,

With Colestion hurt, today, I traded Darren Sproles for Braylon Edwards. If wavers clear, I am planing on getting Koren Robinson. My question is who to start this weekend?


bloom and cecil, as a LT owner I fortunately have sproles would you start him at the flex until the situation improves along with Chris Johnson? or would you go with Welker or Jonathan Stewart or Edge at the flex spot with Chris JOhnson as my RB2.

My WR's are Andre J, Colston and Gonzalez and right now it lloks like Gonzo along with Andre is an every week start until Colston comes back

thanks for your help


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