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The Greatest Healer Competition! (1 Viewer)

Which player will most efficiently & effectively heal after suffering an ACL tear.

  • Daunte Culpepper

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  • Brandon Jones

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  • Braylon Edwards

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  • Javan Walker

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  • Deuce McAllister

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  • Carson Palmer

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  • Other

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Be sure to elaborate.Feel free to select "other" and advocate for another injured player.

I'm taking Carson... mainly because his injury appears to be less severe than Culpeppers and because quarterbacks are less dependent upon cutting ability than RB's and WR's. But also because he's a relatively young buck.

is this for only next season or the rest of their career? Some of these guys had tears relatively late in the year and may not be 100% next season at all.

Javon Walker.His torn ACL occurred during the 1st week of the season and he will have had the longest recovery period. :banned:

I'll take Will Poole. His injury came during minicamp if I remember right, so he'll have well over a year of recovery by the time the season starts.


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