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The Iron Throne - 40-Team, 4 player copy - Start 14 - $75 x 2 (1 Viewer)



The first question you are probably asking is, "Do we need another GOT-themed dynasty league clogging up our dynasty streets?" Probably not, but the boys wanted it & it IS a unique setup.

So far:

40-team / 4 player copies / 14 starters
2 QB / 3-6 RB / 4-7 WR / 2-5 TE
30 roster spots + 6IR & 5 Taxi
4 divisions of 10 / 2 conferences of 20 - play each division-mate twice and each team in the other division in the conference once for a total of 28 H2H matchups.

Scoring: https://www48.myfantasyleague.com/2023/options?L=64180&O=09

Auction startup / linear rookie drafts.

Actual '23 rookies (not rookie picks) AND '24 rookie picks will be included in the auction startup! For this reason, '23 & '24 will be due before our startup ($75 x 2). Dues handled via LeagueSafe.

Playoffs / Victory Points setup: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vgtj44Mhi4v41e41fYHYHNCROrSTqQMQg-67v6Ae0Dw/edit?usp=sharing

Come join us in our groupme while we shape the rest of the league, it is a fun group of guys so far!

Please email Sean @ VapidVespid@gmail.com if interested! Thank you for looking.

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