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The Lions are actually kind of fun to watch (1 Viewer)


They definately don't have the horses right now, but I'll be damned if these guys don't fight til the last whistle every week. To see a winless team this hungry is really a credit to them, as opposed to the lifelessness the much more talented Bengals exhibit for example. They need all sorts of help, but I think Marinelli deserves some credit for not getting these guys to quit.

I think with a few bounces next year, they'll take a big leap forward. They have character, and hopefully the draft can bring them some talent.

Agreed. They had the Vikings dead to rights until the officials bailed the Purple out, and they fought to the last whistle in that game too. I think the future should be a lot brighter for the Lions in the future. Heck though, it can't really get much worse... :lmao:

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