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The new celebration rule (1 Viewer)


Hi all, I am new here but look forward to talking with you all as I love NFL football and am also a budding fantasy football player. So, I am glad I found this message board.

Anyway, am I the only one unhappy with the new touchdown celebration rules recently accepted?

I can understand celebrations that are obviously meant to insult the other team or the other team's fans. But I think many enjoy the NFL for entertainment as well. If celebrations were not captivating and entertaining, then why would the media cover them so much? Well, because people like them. The media made a huge effort to cover Chad Johnson's celebration concepts. If people were not attracted to them then the media would not bother.

I'm really let down by the latest owner vote to crack down even more on celebrations. Some contest that they slow the game down. Sure but so do the over abundance of false start calls when an offensive player has an eye twitch (exagerated a bit but you get my point).

The other argument is that celebrations are individual show boating when the game is centered around a team effort. Ok, that makes sense, the team is what makes the score. Then let team celebrations back in as along as they are not rude, insulting of the other teams or fans. What is so wrong with the team celebrating for a few moments or a simultanoeus high five? Now if they all turned to the opposing team and flipped them off, stuck their tongues out at them, or fake mooned them then I see the point.

Blah... Sorry I am just unhappy about the recent decision. :hot:



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me too Mike and there are several other shark threads on this subject that I have voiced my opinion. What surprised me is it seems majority of SHARKS is happy with this decision. NOT ME.

But don't be fooled though. It won't stop TO and Chad.


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