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THE Onterrio Smith Saturday night thread (1 Viewer)

Can't believe I've yet to chime in on this epic Onterrio thread. The way I've seen it on this board, it all basically breaks down to people who have never seen him play and want to dismiss him as a trendy pick vs. people who have seen him play and know he is the real deal.Please, by all means doubters, draft AZ & Barlow ahead of him. Go right ahead. You're right, he's going to be wallowed in RBBC mire, splitting carries with the immortal Doug Chapman. :rolleyes: I mean, J.C., can't you people see the writing on the walls? After one pre-season game & Tice is already on his knees for the guy. You really think he's gonna let Onterrio split carries?WCS is that Moe steals GL and 3D carries. Big whoop. I'll still take Onterrios 1300-1400/5 in the 4th any day.
Agreed. :thumbup:
Sorry, that deserves to be posted...

Vikings: Smith pulls ahead in running back competition

by Fanball Staff - Fanball.com

Tuesday, August 12, 2003


Following Saturday's first preseason game, Vikings' coaches made it clear that either Onterrio Smith or Doug Chapman would be their starting running back. By Monday afternoon, Smith appeared to hold the upper hand in the competition. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports Vikings' coaches were raving about the rookie's performance, particularly his pass-catching ability. "It looks to me like he's getting close to showing us he could be the man," head coach Mike Tice told the paper. "I mean it."


A good showing by Smith against the Chiefs this Saturday could end the battle. Onterrio ran behind the second- and third-string line last Saturday, but will be toting the rock behind the first-stringers this weekend.

Hmmmmmmmmmm... Tice couldn't change his mind about being confident in starting a rookie EVEN after he said 2 weeks ago that he "probably" wouldn't, could he? :rolleyes:

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I don't think anyone's debating that Smith will immerge as the number 1 guy (minus bennett of course). In fact, I would almost guarantee it.What I'm debating is... 1) williams and chapman will steal carries (and possibly TD's in Williams case)2) In a 12 team league, someone's going to reach for him late 3rd, early 4th.I couldn't agree more that the fantasy world is made in rounds 4 and beyond. I just don't think O. Smith is going to be good enough to warrant a 3rd or 4th round selection. I'd take a risk and go for him in the 5th after I'm solid RB1/RB2/WR1/WR2 however, in a heartbeat.I don't think he's worth MORE then that. Do you?F

Also you didn't read my whole post did you? I said that Moe was given back the goalline duties when Bennett went down. If Onterrio had the chance to take the goalline carries, he wouldn't have given the role back to Moe.
Onterrio wasn't in camp at the time.Here's the best way for coaches to end holdouts..."PLEASE HURRY AND GET TO CAMP. WE DON'T HAVE A RB OPTION! GOOD GRIEF, IF YOU DON'T GET HERE WE'RE COOKED!"(sarcasm)
I wonder if you could think of a scenario where Chapman would be a higher draft pick than Onterrio. Oh that's right...he was. People are really forgetting that Doug Chapman was a 3rd round pick who has never gotten a chance to play. He was going to be the starter in 2001 until they drafted Bennett. In 2000 he was stuck behind Robert Smith.
Yes, Chapman was a third round pick, and rated a third round talent.Smith was a fourth round pick, rated a second (some say late first) round talent.Chapman came froma small school, and was partially drafted because he was freinds with, and a good influence on Moss. I am a big fan of Chapman, and though he'd easily keep Bennett from playing more than a change-of-pace role (which is what I really see him suited as). Chapman broke NCAA TD records.All that aside, I think Smith is even more talented, and a better player than Chapman and Bennett.But none of that is important. The bottomline is, who will start for MIN... it looks morelike Smith every day.
I've seen Onterrio play, once in person and once on TV and that's why I'm not as high on him as most of you. I was very disappointed when I saw him in person and was barely impressed when I watched him in the preseason game.
No offense intended, but you really have no talent at scouting IMO. Completely unimpressed with a guy that some scouts said was the top RB in this draft, most had as one of the top 3.
That's why I'm saying wait until he plays behind the starting O-Line against the starting defense before you start calling him a good 4th round fantasy pick (oddly enough the same round he was drafted in the ROOKIE DRAFT).
Now you are starting to backpedal on your comments... :rolleyes:
Where is Chuck Foreman when you need him?That'd settle this thread once and for all!That boy was LIGHTS OUT! :boxing:

I've seen Onterrio play, once in person and once on TV and that's why I'm not as high on him as most of you. I was very disappointed when I saw him in person and was barely impressed when I watched him in the preseason game.
Umm, are you the guy who saw him in a Vikes scrimmage and then again in the preseaosn game? If not my bad.The question I have is - did you see him run in Oregon? If so, what did you think?
If Onterrio wins the starting job I see very little reason for the Vikes to give Chapman any amount of meaningful carries. I think it will end up like Gary/Portis from 2002 although I don't expect Portis numbers out of Smith.


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