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The Patriots are going to SMASH the Jets... (1 Viewer)

Considering how pathetic a QB Matt Cassell is, it is not happening.

The moron cannot find Moss 1:1 .... Moss keeps beating Ty freaking Law and Cassel the dumb #### cannot even throw near him. Where was that red zone pass?

Yes, an angry Moss owner.

As much as I like to give crap to the OP, the game is far from over - of course the Jets are far from smashed.


Jets - Jets - Jets

They did get smashed a lot at the line of scrimmage but they won anyway!!

Maybe next you can post your weekly rankings for the FBG readers so that we can all gain off of your great wisdom and foresight.

I'll give the Cheatriots credit for coming back from a 24-6 deficit to tie the game. But they still lost in the end and will always be cheaters, dirty players (see Rodney Harrison) and losers in my book.


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