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The Plutocrats Won/They're Winning...Again (1 Viewer)


So I'm sitting at home watching the Bruins/Hurricanes have a Bruins/Whalers weekend game. Funny thing is, the Hurricanes owners moved Hartford out of the market they deemed insufficient for hockey and now turn around and sell merchandise to fans across the country (and especially in and to that market that they left) that love the retro look of the Whalers uniforms.

Ironic though, that there are certain people in New England that the Bruins coveted as fans, namely the Hartford market, so they helped run them out of the league with ownership complaints and the like, greedy for that market share. More ironic is my certain relatives that rooted for the Whalers all their lives are now Bruins fans, forgetting all that the Boston franchise did to get at that market with their greedy little hands.

This is like the bank bailouts of '08 and now '23. The plutocrats won and are coming for your money and your market share.

I say **** 'em. Let it all burn before we give those stuffed ****s any bit or our money.

What say you?

I say the former Whalers/current Bruins fans are rooting for the banks, irony number three entered into evidence by their main sponsor, TD Banknorth.

**** all that noise.
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