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The R.Brown-R.Williams-C.Pennington-P.Cobbs play (1 Viewer)


You know the play I'm talking about:

http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter?game_id=2960...=tab_gamecenter (10 seconds into the main video)

Ricky Williams goes in motion and Ronnie Brown takes the direct snap from center.

Ricky runs between the center and Ronnie, and Ronnie Brown gives the ball to Ricky Williams on a forward handoff.

Ricky continues with the ball behind the LOS and laterals backward to Chad Pennington, who then throws a deep TD pass to Cobbs.

My first thought was the refs would call the play dead b/c of the "2 forward passes rule" but they didn't.

Can someone clarify this?

(My guess is a handoff is a handoff, whether it's behind you, to the side of you, or in front of you.....As long as you are behind the LOS and the ball isn't pitched in the air).

A forward handoff is a forward pass. However, an exception is carved out for handing it forward while behind the line of scrimmage. Thus, if a player hands it forward after crossing the line of scrimmage, it is a forward pass and a penalty. If a player hands it forward while behind the line of scrimmage, it is not a forward pass and the player receiving the handoff can throw a forward pass.

The handoff forward on that play is just like a flea-flicker. The ball can be handed off forward, pitched backward, and another forward pass can be thrown.


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