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The Real CFP (48 teams, $50 buy-in, Fantrax) - 27 of 48 spots taken (1 Viewer)


Following in the footsteps of the long-running, cult classics: The Real 162, The Real 82, The Real Fantasy Football League, and The Real Madness... comes the inaugural season of the most realistic fantasy football league imaginable... The Real College Football Playoff.

It'll be a 48-team league (4 divisions with 12 teams apiece), you'll play each team in your division once for an 11-game regular season.

The top three finishers in each division advance to the 12-team playoffs, with the four division winners earning a first round bye.

14 weeks total (10 regular season weeks - each team has one scheduled double-header - and 4 postseason weeks), so no need to go into real-life bowl season.

The league uses a unique and exciting custom scoring system that creates realistic college football-like final scores (skill position players score in multiples of 7, while Defenses and Kickers score in multiples of 3).

The limited player pool will consist of players from teams in the ACC, SEC, PAC 2, BIG 10, and BIG 12, plus Notre Dame (70 teams in all).

The league will use real college team names and logos. In order to give everyone a fair chance at getting their school of choice, teams will be renamed and rebranded after the draft depending on the Defense that you selected.

Teams will then be placed into one of the four divisions according to their geographic location (Defense's cant be dropped).

$50 buy-in per team (plus $2.71 fantrax premium league fee), $2400 prize pool:
$1000 to the champs
$500 to runner ups
$250 apiece to 3rd-4th place
$100 apiece to 5th-8th place

If all 48 spots don't fill, unowned teams will run on autopilot and prizes will be a percentage of the total prize pool instead:
1st= 40%
2nd= 20%
3rd-4th= 10% apiece
5th-8th= 5% apiece

Any possible prize money won by unowned teams would be split evenly amongst the owners who finish "in the money".

If interested, I can send you a pdf that goes into more detail regarding all of the league rules.

Email me at:


Real Leagues Commissioner

27 of 48 spots taken
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