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The Rise and Fall of an IDP (1 Viewer)


Of course, there are a lot of things that go on during a season. Some things cannot be ignored, while others fall by the wayside as they are easily overlooked. Every year a player can come from nowhere (an example this year is Dhani Jones) and make impact in the IDP world, while some studs prove why they are studs. I exclude naming a rookie CB by name as example because we know that it's the position/situation and not really based on talent, but more so getting picked on that provides the oppotunity. Many times talk is generated about studs that just aren't performing and not near what is projected for them. Is this any different from offensive players? No, but IDP's pull their numbers from what some might view as a more reliable column...Tackles. Any player that performed greatly the previous year and had his number inflated by INT's, can be subject to a fall in the following seasons. As many of us know, INT's are just too hard to duplicate, let alone predict. Sacks? Some of the DL in the NFL can be consistent along those lines to a degree, but most Leagues don't favor DL scoring too much in the grand scheme of things. Though, an owner that had a reliable DL could argue that there is nothing like having one that you know you can start week in and week out without having to view the matchup.

Many players in IDP have been very consistent throughout the years. When the expurts ;) , if there is such a thing, used to say that you could draft one of these players at the top of their respective position and would be safe in doing it. At worst, these types of players would be top 10, but more likely pull in their usual top 5 type numbers. Two players that were money for IDP owners over the years have fallen off their pedestal. In the past, Ronde Barber and Champ Bailey would put up great tackle numbers and always find a way of making a BIG play. Those days appear to be gone. Many times when a player falls off, there is another on the team that is taking their numbers, which help by showing that their numbers are being stolen by a teammate...in both cases that is not happening.

Davis Harris is a great example of how one season varies to another. He looked like a sure IDP #1 or at worst #3 overall pick, but is a questionable starter for FF lineups now. Chris Hope, was a clear cut #1 or top 5 DB/S a year ago, but dropped off significantly and was even questionable to be rostered at all for most of last season. Every owner knows in the back of their mind that one year does not make a player an automatic stud for the most part. Of course, we ride the wave of emotion for players that performed for our team the previous year, so believing in the player's potenial is justified to that degree. Though these situations are significant for re-drafters as they used higher picks to land them in their respective year, but they are different in that they never had the track record of doing it for multiple years on end.

Ronde and Champ have been fixtures at the top of IDP rankings and production for years. Arguably they have been worth as much to IDP owners as the coveted MLB'ers that are hoarded. One could point out that Ronde has aged and that very well could be the majority of the problem regarding him. The counter is that he's a starting CB in the Tampa 2 scheme, which is usually dependable position for FF pts regardless of talent, speed and such. Only qualification for that position is that they must not be scared to tackle. Even when Denver was clicking in the beginning of the season and their offense was clicking and put big points on the board, Champ was a marginal starter for FF owners. Many times a CB on a team that is putting a lot of points gets more oppotunity as the other team attempts to throw more to catch up. Depending on your scoring, Champ is out of the top 30 for CB's, while Ronde is no higher than mid to late 20's. Chances are that both will finish clearly out of the top 30 in CB's. I'm not talking top 30 DB's, but just CB's and it gets MUCH WORSE if Safeties are included.

As we all know, nothing is sure when we draft or carry over our dynasty roster from year to year. It's just odd that certain FF players that were some of the surest FF starters for years, like Ronde and Champ, have fallen from grace so fast.

These are just two example I've noticed, but I'm sure there are several others that many of you have noticed too.


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