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They Shall Not Grow Old (1 Viewer)


Looks fantastic!

Wish I heard of this 3 days ago would have seen it on Monday!

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There is a thread in the non-psa thread as well. 

If you missed it Monday, next Thursday is your next and only chance.

I really liked it. It is in 3D only. 

Sometimes I do not like 3D and it appears too dark, but whenever I removed my glasses during this screening, the picture quality was decidedly worse



I want to see this so badly but I’m about 2 hours from a city that’s showing it. I wonder if it’ll ever be on tv? I hope they keep doing this with more old videos. 



I think it was already broadcast (not in 3D) and I'm sure they will again.

Its a Fathom event.
Fathom is pretty awesome. They do a deal with TCM where they show classic movies on big screens across the country. In 2019 they have Godfather 2, Wizard of Oz, Lawrence of Arabia and a bunch more showing. 



I saw this tonight, it showed one night only, and I went with my father in law. - Oddly enough it reminded me of my own Dad, who was a WW2 vet. Most especially it left me feeling somber and sad at the enormity of it all, the loss, the horror, the waste, the fear, the terror. Jackson gave an incredible gift. The number of people who could offer the resources necessary, and the creativity, to generate this, worldwide, might be a handful. The number with a past association and involvement with WW1 history could only be him. The 3D was a surprise, the panoramic view and the transformation into color, the use of real life interviews with vets just made this special, unique.

The WW2 Museum in NO has these sorts of oral interviews, I know because my uncle, a bronze star recipient, gave one himself. My Dad could never really speak about the war, though somehow watching "World at War" at a tender age somehow maybe filled in for that, he'd watch it in stony silence and would occasionally answer my bewildered questions. Somehow surprisingly this movie, with its first hand accounts. gave me some insight into what he went through, albeit a half world away decades later in a successor war. 

God Bless all the veterans, of all war everywhere.

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Saw this on December 17 and was simultaneously moved beyond words and paralyzed with a combination of awe and sadness. An incredible cinematic feat.

Word on the street is that it's two-day run has been so successful--with most screenings in large markets selling out--that they're extending and expanding to slightly wider releases in more cities near the end of this month. If you weren't able to see it, I cannot recommend it highly enough.


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