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Things you thought you'd never say 2 months ago... (1 Viewer)


...I really need to sit Trent Richardson and put Danny Woodhead in - at least Woodhead has a higher floor.


The Jets have as many wins than the Texans, Falcons, Giants, and Bucs - COMBINED.

Did I really cut David Wilson last week?

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Knowshon Moreno is more valuable than Lynch, Reggie, and Foster, AND Danny Woodhead is more valuable than Frank Gore and Ray Rice.

That after almost 7 weeks

That Fred Jackson and Danny Woodhead would be top 10 backs in PPR scoring

That Jordan Cameron would be the highest scoring fantasy tight end (I know Graham has already had his bye.)

That Geno Smith, Sam Bradford, and Alex Smith have more fantasy points than Colin Kaepernick, Tom Brady and Eli Manning

That the Kansas City defense ranks 51st in total points in PPR scoring.

"Julius Thomas is tied for the lead league in touchdowns scored."

And I got him in like six leagues. But I never saw this coming.

No matter my draft position, I am drafting J Graham in the first and then 4 WRs after that in my PPR league. I will cobble together backs available in the 6th-9th rounds and go RBBC like every other team in the NFL has done.

I'm comfortably starting Terrance Williams, Keenan Allen, Julius Thomas and Jordan Reed weekly in a $2500 league with confidence.

Drafted: Kap, Gore, Davis, Boldin, SF Def (yes, I'm a homer)

Now more concerned about San Diego's Week 8 bye than San Francisco's Week 9 bye (have been starting Rivers, Ryan Mathews, and Keenan Allen lately).

Do you want cj spiller in a trade? I said that 3 weeks ago haha never thought that as I grabbed the clown 1.2 :***((((


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