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Looking to fill a recent opening in a league.  The league have been around for years and has a great set of owners.  I have been running fantasy leagues since the early 80s.  Please contact me at football@faarg.com if interested.

Sunday Collisions - 12 team PPR - league dues $55 per season with a $25 deposit to permit trading of future picks.  Deposit is returned if not required to offer a concession to a new owner if/when you leave.  Payments through LeagueSafe.


picks - 1.06, 2.06, 3.06, 4.06

QB - Cousins, Winston

RB - Taylor, Jacobs, Mattison, Penny, Mostert, Forman, Jeffrey Wilson, Mack, Freeman, Ahmed, Hyde

WR - Devonta Smith, Gallup, Claypool, Rondale Moore, MVS, Osborn, cobb, Watkins, Mims, Wallace, pettis, Ross

TE - Schultz, Kmet



Is the team still available? Maybe interested. Hit me up with details= payouts, lineup structure. tramz18@aol.com


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