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Thoughts on My Team...WHIR (1 Viewer)

TX Steel

12 team 0.5 PPR redraft.  QB, RB/RB, WR/WR, TE, FLEX/FLEX, DST, K.  Bonuses for 100 yds rushing/receiving, 300 yds passing, 50+ yd TDs.

Picked from the 9th slot.

QB:  Luck, Winston

RB:  Hunt, Miller, Ingram, White, Clement, J Kelly

WR:  Allen, Crowder, Gordon, Lockett, Golladay, Stills

TE:  Gronk, Ebron


Got sniped multiple times in the mid rounds on RBs I was targeting.  I've always taken risks, and Luck/Gordon are definitely in that category.

Notable FAs (I'd have to drop someone to pick these up):

QB: Rivers, Dalton, Dak

RB:  Dixon, Ekeler, Ballage

WR:  Enunwa, Coutee, Tyrell Williams, Zay Jones, Grant, Sutton, Geronimo

Should I look to grab a FA by dropping someone?  Or package Clement/WR to the Ajayi owner (he has Collins, Barber, Chubb) or Kelly/WR to the Gurley owner (he has Henry, Mack, Breida) for an upgrade at RB?  Or just stay put?

Thanks, and please leave a link so I can return the favor!

Very good draft.  Both proposals for trades will work for the right player. Targeting Collins with the first proposal or Henry with the second. The other guys don't do anything for you. If you can't trade Kelly I would drop him for either Tyrell Williams or Courtland Sutton.

I highly doubt j kelly can be traded for anything. and I'm not sure what a good trade for you would be to get Collins, maaaybe Clement and Josh Gordon if your leaguemate believes in Gordon. Otherwise probably just stay put for now.

I think you did pretty good, personally just don't like Kareem Hunt this year. I'd drop your backup TE and grab another flyer like a Jags WR or Jordan Wilkins or another rookie with high upside and a chance to earn a role still. No point in keeping Ebron on your bench when you have Gronk.



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