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Thoughts on proposed trade (1 Viewer)


12 team PPR.  Was offered Lynch and I give up golloday.  Sitting at 4-1 with 3rd most points  have 10th waiver priority.

current roster

QB: Stafford, Winston

RB: Gordon, Collins, D. Freeman

WR: Cooks, Boyd, Golloday, Crabtree

TE: Gronk

Was looking to try and grab Powell, Morris or P. Barber as I think the hot names will be gone before I get to my waiver pick.  If I take the trade I could try and grab Godwin, Cobb, coutee, SANU, MVS

Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

While it is not the worst trade in the world I don't see how it really helps your team. Morris, Coutee or Godwin should be waiver adds. Skip the rest. Drop Crabtree.

Now that Freeman is back it is not as critical to get Lynch.  I probably hold Golladay for now and see how the waivers work out.  If you get Coutee that could free up moving one of your WR's for a RB. 


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