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Thoughts on this trade (1 Viewer)


2QB IDP Fantasy League, 6pts per passing TD so QBs are huge.

Give Tom Brady, Mike Gesicki, 2023 2nd

Recieve Deshaun Watson

Obviously a lot of this hinges on how all the legal stuff and suspensions play out. I will still be good at QB this year Allen Hurts DJones. Would be hoping Watson is back in 2023.

Still have Goedert and Fant at TE. 

Losing the 2nd next year hurts but it should be late, I’ve been in/won the champ game the last 3 years, and I have 2 1sts next year.

Worth the gamble on Watson? Probably gonna be Brady’s last year? 

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With the QB's you have I think it's a good gamble.  Hurts/Allen do take a bit of a hit being it's all TD's for 6 pts so they lose the advantage of the rushing TD but they are still good.  Losing Gesicki is a nothing-burger.  Good risk for the future.  



Definitely a gamble since it sounds like you had the league by its throat.   I definitely would've stopped at a 2023 3rd rounder because you're handing the Watson owner a huge lifeline for this season.   Yes, you're still set at QB.   With Brady and Allen, you're absolutely loaded and have a huge trading chip in-season if Hurts performs the way you're expecting.

I think there's a world where Watson gets the exempt list this season and 8 games or a year suspension that wipes out all or some of 2023.   If that happens, he's still an asset in 2024, but the '24 Browns have tire fire potential if it plays out that way. 

I also don't think of Gesicki as a nothing burger.   If Tua is remotely competent with those weapons, Gesicki is in a position to do a lot of damage with the targets he gets.   It's an impressive stockpile if Brady, Gesicki, and a '23 2nd are all disposable assets that you've accumulated, but I wouldn't pick Watson as the guy to cash out for, at least not at that price.   

It could absolutely work out in the end.   I just like it better for a rebuilding team than a current powerhouse.  The more that comes out of that story, I might go so far as to say that the wrong team is sending the '23 2nd.

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I will add that the concept of moving Brady to the Watson team or any other QB needy team in contention is definitely the right idea.   Even though I think Gesicki can take a big step forward this year, he is somewhat redundant with Goedert.

I just don't like the idea of diminishing a championship ready team for this season, and potentially losing a stranglehold on the league if it turns out that Watson is a mentally ill sex predator.   As someone who tends to go into the fire on distressed, talented assets, there was a point in this saga where I definitely would have been interested in a buy low.   However, at this point I think it's becoming more of an option only if the Watson owner is practically giving him away out of disgust.

I would much rather see this war chest go towards a talented WR with a bad QB situation, DJ Moore, DK Metcalf, McLaurin, etc.   If it doesn't improve, you at least have a useful player on your roster.   However, if you buy a '22 Metcalf on the discount and he finds his way to the Chiefs in '23, you're gold.


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