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Three slots open in new MFL Redraft League (1 Viewer)


Veteran commish of several longrunning dynasty leagues on MFL has an itch to do a redraft. 12 man Standard PPR league to be hosted on MFL. Already have 9 guys signed up and looking for the right 3 to fill out the league. I need active, knowledgable trash talkers because it's a Motley crew and I need guys that can keep up. League fee is $106 a man. Winner walks away with an even $1k and runner up pockets $200. Looking to possibly do a live online draft as sson as league is filled and paid for so could be drafting as early as this weekend. early next week at the latest.

roster size 20; 10 starters, 1 qb, 2-3 rb, 3-4 wr, 1 te, 1 k 1 def

shoot me an email directly at ehinton200@aol.com if interested.


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