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Tice to coach Jets? (1 Viewer)



Jets interview Mangini, Tice up next

January 15, 2006

NEW YORK (AP) -- The New York Jets interviewed Patriots defensive coordinator Eric Mangini on Sunday night for their vacant head coaching job.

General manager Terry Bradway and assistant GM Mike Tannenbaum met with Mangini in the Foxborough, Mass., area. The two then returned to New York to prepare for their interview with former Vikings coach Mike Tice on Monday.

The Jets are expected to move quickly once the interview with Tice is over. They are trying to replace coach Herman Edwards, who left for Kansas City.

Mangini, who turns 35 this week, appears to be the top name on the Jets' list. But his inexperience and age could be a factor. There are several things working in his favor, including his ties to Tannenbaum and the Jets, where he served as an assistant from 1997-99.

He also has spent most of his career learning from Patriots coach Bill Belichick. It is believed Mangini would take the job if it was offered to him. After a 27-13 playoff loss to Denver on Saturday night, Patriots defensive end Richard Seymour vouched for Mangini.

"He definitely has the ability to be a great coach in this league," Seymour said. "He has a lot of tools that it takes. He's very poised. He's a smart guy. He understands defenses and how to take things away from offenses, so he'll probably have a lot of success in this league."

The Jets have already spoken to six others: former Saints coach Jim Haslett, former Rams interim coach Joe Vitt, Giants defensive coordinator Tim Lewis, and Jets assistants Donnie Henderson, Mike Heimerdinger, Mike Westhoff.

:lmao: The Jets hired Rich Kotite after it was known (at least in Philly) that he was a complete moron , the fact now that they are even considering hiring Tice :lmao: :lmao:
Jets fans are getting used to news like this, it's just like at the draft when they announce...." and with the (insert number) pick the Jets select ..... and you here the fans groan and #####. And now announcing the new coach of you New York Jets, Mike Tice. Awwwwww :wall:

I think I speak for every Dolphins fan and Patriots fan when I say that I hope the Jets hire Tice and the Bills hire Haslett.


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