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we are currently using bench points but everyone would like to change...suggestions???

Bench points now. But I was in a league where you picked one defensive player (IDP) and an offensive player on your roster as tie-breaker players. I liked that way better.

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We don't break ties. A tie is a tie. But we also use decimal scoring in each one, so the odds of a tie are always slim to none, anyway. In the playoffs, the higher seeded team gets the nod in the event of a tie; that is the home field advantage.

I think bench points is a terrible way to break a tie. What if one owner has a bunch of players on a bye and loses because of that? That would be lame.

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We use most Rush/Rec TD's

IMO bench scoring blows, players that are playing should only be counted.

Our rules allow ties, but since we switched to decimal scoring 5 years ago, we haven't had any. We've had games decided by less than 1 point, in fact we had one that was decided by .05 point last year, but no ties.


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