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Time to sell Desean Jackson? (1 Viewer)


With Curtis coming back soon, Westbrook battered, and the offense slowing down, have we seen the best weeks from Jackson? Is he a sell-high candidate? What sort of value does he carry?

:no: Buy. Especially in dynasty.

Igglz have been struggling when they aren't getting him the ball. Especially with Westbrook not at full speed, DeJax will be targeted often.

Only in redraft....maybe. But we already knew his targets would go down once Brown and Curtis were healthy, so I'm not sure what his value would really be.

In dynasty, I'm buying, not selling!

I sold DJ week four. The guy is talented however the issue in my mind is the O-line. It seems that Andrews has back and emotional problems. When he is out the pass blocking suffers BIG TIME. DJax will still be OK but for me I sold and picked up Lance Moore. If Moore does well tonight I will feel like I made the right move.

In a redraft, I'd trade him for another WR2 or good TE.

In a dynasty? Maybe for a WR1, elite TE, top tier QB or good RB.


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