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Tired of Amari Cooper? Selling too low or not? (1 Viewer)


 Is this dynasty suicide? PPR 16 TM if I trade Alex Collins and Amari Cooper for Royce Freeman, John Brown and Coutee? Looking at Coopers # he doesnt do well vs division opponents and thats half the reg season in this league.



I played basketball with Casey Heyward... hes a small dude... have faith in Cooper ... he hasnt had a monster game yet..today my friend is that day

warning I just drank 2 cups of gnarly coffee and dabbed 3 rips of Tahoe OG Oil :)



I've owned the guy one year in fantasy football.  Just so happened to be the one year he was a fantasy stud.    :coolstorybro: 



tommyGunZ said:
I bought into the “offense will run thru Cooper” hype on multiple teams.  That decision is absolutely killing me in severely leagues where I went RB early.  

#### you Amari.  Never again.  
Yeah I did the same. I remember thinking Gruden looked like a genius on MNF, always declaring what the play was going to be before it was snapped. He has been studying for all these years. I thought I would zag when everyone else was zigging. I felt like half the reason people trash on him is because he talks funny. ####.  I also said trading Mack would sink the locker room. Perhaps it has. Had already drafted Cooper in a ton of spots.



In my main auction redraft I have literally started him the two weeks he was a dud and benched him the two weeks he was a stud. 

That means I *have* to start him next week, right? Nobody's fault but my own, but good lord. Makes very little sense.

I haven't watched the game via Game Pass yet, and as a Raider fan, I am not sure I have the stomach for it...but...

I am not going to advocate having patience with Cooper. I know he's burned many, including me this year and in the past. Frustrating guy who never seems to consistently live up to his talent. It's clear he has skills, but for one reason or another, never has put it together to be either a reliable force for the Raiders or for FF GMs.

That said, something was going on in this game -- looking at box score, Cooper got one target. One. As much as he can disappear, that's a little out of the norm, and the fact that the WR2 Nelson only had 4, while backfield COP/pass back Richard got 6, Cook got 6, and WRs 3 and 4 Bryant and Roberts had 3 and 7 respectively tells me that there was something more than Cooper simply being trash going on.

I looked through the Raider team thread and the game thread, and lots of puzzlement on why Cooper only got one target. There was a single mention of a mysterious foot ailment, but no confirmation or corroboration of injury, and more mentioning that he was actually open but simply not getting the looks/targets from Carr.

Can't see how this isn't noticeable and correctable, but at this point Cooper for this season is a failing WR on a poor NFL offense, and we need to be looking elsewhere for reliable production.



I was trying to find any post game quotes last night from either coaches or Amari about his game yesterday. So far nothing.


Update:, hmmmmm ???


"Carr said the Chargers were “definitely” trying to take Coop out of the game, adding that they put their best cover guy, Casey Heyward, on him to ensure Coop was a non-factor. Gruden said the same.

“We called his number,” said Gruden of Coop. “Just because he isn’t targeted, doesn’t mean we aren’t trying. He was the primary several times today and he would tell you that. But sometimes the opposition tries to take away some guys and you have to go other places.”

Coop’s games this season have gone like this:

1 catch, 9 yards vs Rams

10 catches, 116 yards vs Broncos

2 catches, 17 yards vs Dolphins

8 catches, 128 yards, 1 TD vs Browns

1 catch, 10 yards vs Chargers

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Coop’s games this season have gone like this:

3 Targets, 1 catch, 9 yards vs Rams

10 Targets, 10 catches, 116 yards vs Broncos

5 Targets, 2 catches, 17 yards vs Dolphins

11 Targets, 8 catches, 128 yards, 1 TD vs Browns

1 Target, 1 catch, 10 yards vs Chargers
Assuming he draws the top corner each week/being taken out of the game. What happened vs Cle their rookie CB has been playing well but they decided to test him? What did Den try and do?

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I was trying to find any post game quotes last night from either coaches or Amari about his game yesterday. So far nothing.
I posted this in another thread yesterday, some quotes from Cooper after the game. I think I posted this in the Cooper thread.

Cooper conceded there are times the opposing defense will take him out of the game but Sunday was not one of those days and he said a few times he went to the sideline and told Gruden and Carr he was open.

Cooper won't complain either. I wish he would but he won't. He said he was frustrated because he thought he could help the team more but he won't complain.


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