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Titans Chargers game thread, London, early (1 Viewer)


Might as well get this started

Chargers Melvin Gordon is inactive

Titans LG Quinton Spain is inactive so Corey Levin gets his first start

Derrick Morgan is inactive so Harold Landry probably (guess)gets his first start

Kenny Vaccaro is inactive so Kendrick Lewis probably starts.

Titans had an awful game last week allowing 11 sacks and absolutely nothing worked on offense. 

Titans coach had his staff wearing boxing gloves this week in practice. More about show of being tougher than anything else

Austin Johnson had his best game as a pro at NT and it was the first time in years that the Titans weren't easy to run at up the middle. Bennie Logan is (sadly) expected to start for Johnson. It's just one game for Johnson but it brought hope. Generally, teams run wherever Daquan and Casey aren't. Each could switch to the NT on occasion.

The Titans have been outstanding on one WR each week (Ryan), most weeks on both one outside and one slot, and Malcolm Butler has been awful outside. This probably puts Williams in a great position since he likes the deep ball and Butler has given up the most or near the most yards in the NFL this year.

The Titans nickel D is annoying with two LBs over the middle. The CB passes off the WR and they have no trouble getting to a spot and catching it around LBs. 

The Titans D is pretty stout until one of these happens and since it's happening most every week it could start to demoralize them soon especially after a loss like last week. I imagine Whisenhunt "goes for the jugular" early in this one while the Titans try to establish a rhythm in the run game. Mariota is an excellent play action QB but LaFleur hasn't caught onto this. His passing game should work so smoothly if they can get the run game going

Taywan Taylor is ridiculously fast and often used on cute plays like end arounds and reverses and not as a traditional WR. When they use him as a normal WR, their offense has done well. When they don't they're rough. Davis is the clear lead dog, but there's no one else for Ds to worry about without Walker around so they have to get Taylor involved.

The Titans have two of the best tackles in football but they've been anchoring them with two of the worst blocking TEs in football. They have not oWned that edge at all and the Chargers are probably licking their chops. Dennis Kelly was a blocking tight end and backup T under Mularkey. He practiced as a TE some this week so we could see him there. He also played G in Philly so he may sub in for Levin if necessary too. 

The Chargers have a million ways they can win this and it's pretty much a don't mess up game for them while the Titans have a lot of fixing to do

Both teams proper and good boys during both anthems. I was curious if those shenanigans carry overseas

Melanie said it's a slick soccer field so the Titans are wearing cleats with 5/8 inch digs except for their DL. She didn't say Chargers are doing so

Ingram's going to be super-embarassed once he realizes he has TP hanging out of the back of his pants.

Henry met right away by 92 MeBay(sp?) in backfield, got past Kline

Henry pushed up middle for a few

3rd and 10, to Sharpe for first. Chargers tried the delayed blitz that the Ravens did oh so well, but it was picked up fine.

play action, Mariota over the middle to Henry, no one on him. 10-11 yards

snap n throw to Taywan, so obvious. Ingram III almost had an INT

screen to Lewis for 8. One charger hit the other's helmet off(Perriman) during collision

Lewis looking vintage, rollout screen, shook a couple to make something of nothing

Mariota fake to Lewis, keeper left for a few

Inside the 10 (Play action is working LaFleur! Don't abandon it!)

Pretending Lewis is a beast, carries up the middle for almost nothing

3rd and 5 from the 8 Mariota had two WRs almost together over the middle, Chargers all over it. Why are their routes ending in the same spot?


LaFleur did not stay with what was working and forced things. Best drive in weeks and...ugh. They really needed confidence there.

Stopping the Chargers is a bigger deal than normally this drive, after last week's beating

Went at Ryan on first (and he hasn't allowed anything, been awesome this year) not Butler, and 75 yards for a TD

I have had the unfortunate pleasure of watching several Titans games this year.

The Texans have been tough to watch for years, but I don't recall anything worse than this.

When they have the ball it makes you want to turn the channel over to umizoomi.

I like that this announcing team doesn't feel like they have to fill up every second of airtime.

Sharpe's offsides, just not good enough to overcome

Mariota steps up right into a sack. Lewan had his man just fine

Now King with a big punt return but flag on the play

Block in the back

No Henry that drive, he did  well first drive

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That Pepsi icing the kicker commercial would be even better if the opposing team resembled the Falcons.

Cmon Adoree. If Rivers changes the play during an obvious blitz, ya gotta know Allen is cutting inside for a quick pass. Second year, should know that by now

Badgely doesn't have a very powerful leg, but it sure is nice having a kicker who doesn't have you expecting the worst on every FG and XP attempt.

Chargers beat Ryan and Byard on that opening play.

Tried it again on that 3rd down red zone pass.

Whisenhunt's always gotta push his luck

They'll make him pay if he keeps having them force it. Throw at the nickel LBs or Butler like everyone else does....same ol Whis

Stat that flashed up

Last week, Titans had a total of 106yds. The 2nd least since leaving Houston

Don't worry Jeff, your legacy is still safe

There's Henry. 15 yards or so on a screen. Second time Chargers have almost not covered him. Gotta continue that til they adjust

Titans seem to prefer running Henry on 1st and 2nd downs. Is Marty Schottenheimer calling their plays?

Two runs to the right while the Titans have been one of the best in the NFL running left, since Lewan entered the league. 

Always impressed by Henry's ability to catch. He has looked very fluid on both grabs today.

Not certain but I think each long third down, the Titans have overloaded one side of the field with 3 WRs and thrown to Sharpe

3rd and 2 with the beast getting rolling soooooooooo pass

LaFleur is trying real hard to be worse than Robiske

Bad play call at the end, Henry is doing well, I'd bet $ LaFleur will do something overly cute and use Lewis the next drive


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