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Titans Draft. What do you think? (1 Viewer)


I know our needs but with Britt's injury history and Nate Washington underperforming 2nd half of the season...Does anyone feel the Titans should trade down and go WR and OG in the 1st round and 2nd rounds? The 2nd or 3rd best guard will be there in the 2nd and a top 3 wr will be available in the early 20s of the 1st round. But if no trade down is available I would love to see Austin be the pick especially with Mariani still not 100%. With Austin the Titans get a slot man, a returner, and a percy harvin type change of pace rb . Just thinking we need offensive difference makers to compete in the south


Tennessee Titans in the market for press cornerback

By Kareem Copeland

Around the League Writer

The Tennessee Titans will feature a more aggressive defensive scheme -- within reason, of course -- with Gregg Williams now a senior assistant on coordinator Jerry Gray's staff. The blitz package will increase and put more pressure on the cornerbacks to hold up in press-man coverage.

That puts the organization in the market for a cornerback to fill the role.

"We'll definitely look at a corner -- if there's one we like at the time we're picking -- that has those kinds of abilities, that can get up more in your face and play a little more man-to-man," Titans coach Mike Munchak told The Tennessean's John Glennon.

Titans general manager Ruston Webster said there are a number of big corners who fit the mold. Alabama's Dee Milliner (6-foot, 201 pounds) and Xavier Rhodes (6-1, 210) are the top two prospects at the position. Milliner could be gone by the time the Titans are on the clock at No. 10.

The Titans also visited with D.J. Hayden (Houston), Johnathan Banks (Mississippi State), Sanders Commings (Georgia) and Khalid Wooten (Nevada).

Banks is long and a bit slight at 6-2, 185 pounds. Hayden (5-11, 191) has watched his stock rise recently. Commings (6-0, 216) certainly has the size but also has questionable feet and quickness. Speed, reaction and anticipation are the concerns with Wooten (5-11, 210).

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If the titans can walk away with rhodes, datone Jones and Barrett Jones for their first three picks, they would be in good shape.

snipped quote by the OP ... "The 2nd or 3rd best guard will be there in the 2nd"

didnt three guards go by the NYG pick mid first?

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