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Titans Fans - I think a ref's mistake cost them on the Bironas FG (1 Viewer)


I haven't heard anyone else mention this, so I'll throw it out here.

Bironas missed the 51-yard FG after the replay challenge showed Scaife juggled the ball. When that play started, the ball was spotted at least a foot or two inside the right hash mark. But after the replay challenge, when they respotted the ball, they put it directly on the left hash.

And then Bironas kicked it dead straight - except that the kick started a foot or two outside the uprights and stayed there the whole way. Did anyone else notice this? Makes you wonder if a correct spot would have made any difference.

on one side or the other, the direction would be different. Bironas wouldn't have kicked the same from the other has he would have adjusted the trajectory angle(right term?) some.

Bironas was 1 for 3 the last two games. 33% stinks.

It's not "just 3 field goals" every single kick is important so....mr. automatic he wasn't

edited: b/c all my frustration has been discussed in the other thread.

time for a long off season for my titans! :goodposting:

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