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Titans' Haynesworth in/out? (1 Viewer)


If there is any news about Big Al's availability, post here. This Titans defense is one of the best in the league w/ Al and one of the worst without him. Palmer is one of the best QBs in the league when given time & pretty poor when pressured. Housh & Ocho were likely high picks in all our leagues, and with the weather concers across the country, Perry may be needed over some WRs for a flex. All of these Cincy players (IMO) would come with a pretty high recommendation this week if Haynesworth is held out (against his wishes) for a concussion.

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The Tennessean reports that Albert is questionable and a game time decision. If he is out or limited, rookie James Jones will get most of his snaps.

Last rotoworld post indicated he wanted to play, but that the Titans med staff would keep him out...
Actually rotoworld said med staff COULD keep him out...."Haynesworth says he's planning to play, but the Titans' medical staff could hold him out. He will be a full blown game-time decision at Cincinnati."
Titans NT Albert Haynesworth is active Sunday against Cincinnati.Downgrade Chris Perry's matchup. We wouldn't use him as more than a desperate flex now, as the Titans' defense is studly with Haynesworth in the lineup.

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