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** TNF on Amazon Prime - San Fran 9-4 at Seattle 7-6 (+3.5, 43) ** NFC West Showdown (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

Seattle could make things interesting if they can somehow find enough offense to win this football game.
Hard to bet against the Niners but it feels like they are do for a set back, they haven't been world beaters all season long.



If Purdy plays well tonight, I'll be a believer. Memories of Nick Mullens are tempering my expectations.

This game is gonna be nasty.


The 49ers signed DT Akeem Spence to the 53-man roster to be available to play tonight against the Seahawks.

They also elevated veteran CB Janoris “Jackrabbit” Jenkins and WR Willie Snead from P-squad.

- Matt Maicco


The 49ers are the only team in the NFL to have made more interceptions (14) than allowed passing TDs (12) in 2022.

Thats incredible.


I'm already benching Walker tonight against the tough 49's D. Not sure how Lockett and DK will do either. The 49's held smith to under 200 yards passing in their first matchup and their D is better now.


I am in a tough spot so I need to start Walker tonight. 49ers have been brutal as a Defense, but my hope is that KW gets some running room. In looking at the last several weeks, they gave up 4 yds per rush to TB, 4.125 yds per rush to MIA, 2 yds pre rush to NO, 3.2 yds per rush against ARI. So other than MIA, the other teams have not really had the passing attack that SEA will bring. So hoping we may see SEA getting closer to the 4 yds per rush with some receiving yds and a potential score.

I am trying to talk myself into hope.


Geno was pressured 47% of his drop backs in the first matchup - and the 9ers don't blitz much, that was mostly just rushing 4


Seahawks rush defense is not very good. Will it improve in Prime Time at home? Niners run the ball very well. Advantage Niners. Niners pass rush is relentless. Beware Gino.
This is a Thursday Night game. We all know the reputation these games have garnered. So it's going to be ugly. Will it be low scoring horrible play ugly? Or will it be a route ugly?
How about somewhere in between...

San Francisco- 30
Seattle- 17


Seattle Inactives:

CB Artie Burns
CB Tre Brown
RB DeeJay Dallas
RB Tony Jones Jr.
DT Al Woods
OL Jake Curhan


The 49ers will have Kerry Hyder and Ambry Thomas — both who were questionable coming in.

They’ll also have Ty Davis-Price active as the third running back behind McCaffrey and Mason.

49ers inactives:

QB Jimmy Garoppolo
WR Deebo Samuel
S Tarvarius Moore
DT Kevin Givens
CB Samuel Womack
LB Curtis Robinson
OL Nick Zakelj


I have no real reason to have this prediction other than a trip down narrative street, but I think Seattle wins tonight, as they just need it more, and I think Purdy might have struggle through injury/miss Deebo.

Seattle 30, San Fran 17

I also think people benching Seahawks due to the matchup will likely regret it.


Let’s hope tonight starts a better week with props.. last week was rough.
Geno O 199.5
CMC O 34.5 receiving
Lockett 6+
KWalker U 64.5 rushing


He looks fully in tune with the offense finally and the gods have conspired to make him a workhorse again. This is a dream scenario for a fantasy title run.


Love the formality of that.

"Please reset the clock to 1 sec and start on my signal."

"That's the end of the first quarter."

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