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TNF on Amazon Prime - Steelers @ Browns (-4.5, 38.5) (1 Viewer)

Hot Sauce Guy

Listening to pregame, it amazes me that they’re seriously wondering why Mitch Trubusky is still Mitch Trubisky. I mean, they didn’t say exactly that, but all the things they described were Mitch trubisky things.

Bracie Smathers


That link shows the wind from 8pm tonight to 7pm Friday

Hourly forecast I’m looking at is showing sustained winds up through the end of the game
The link actually begins at 9:00 AM and goes all the way to Saturday and shows winds currently at 12 mph and in the 11 to 13 mph range through the game.

Arctic Dawgs

Not available on Prime in Canada.

Have to watch game being recorded on TVlater and write a letter to EVERY advertiser that I will NEVER buy 1 of their products as long as they advertise on CTV NFL games

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