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TNF on Amazon Prime - Steelers @ Browns (-4.5, 38.5) (1 Viewer)

Can we dare say that rock n' roll was truly...generational? It's dying. Its carcass is propped up by the genius of the sixties and aughts.
And this Gunner whatever his name is. Why are they wasting a roster spot with him, it's like he's NEVER played special teams
Maybe this has been covered so I apologize in advance if it has:

If you sit down during halftime.....Is there a way to watch the AMAZON PRIME game FROM THE START (without waiting until the end of the game) ?????
Should be a live option
I don't want it LIVE..........i want the START of the game
Found this..
If you do not opt in to record the season, you will still have the ability to access 15 minutes of rewind from the point you joined the game, and you will also be able to pause and fast-forward as needed.
I sat down in front of my Samsung TV & opened my Amazon Prime app USING MY SMART TV right before halftime & thought it would allow me to "Watch from the Start".......or at the very least let me "Pause the game" and rewind.
Those options DO NOT EXIST.
I called Amazon Prime Help Desk and their response was that "This feature is not available"....................."but I could re-watch the start of the game once the game concluded"
I said that response was not acceptable. Every other TV in America can record a show on their DVR and sit down and start watching the recording before the show has ended

Therefore, they are handing my feedback over and the hope is that they roll out future improvements.
Just thought I'd pass this along to the group.

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