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TNF on Prime Video **Panthers at Bears** (-3.5, 38.5) 8:15 (1 Viewer)

Chicago will draft a QB..If Fields has done basically crap in his first 33 gamses, what will change in the next 16. Time to move on. They will try to trade him.
I’m skeptical.

Also it’s weird to blame Fields for the team record when until this year he hasn’t had anything to work with on offense and the OL has been terrible.
All the crowd shots on Prime Video are blurry, they like to pan the camera around the crowd and point out folks, they are mostly blurry
1st and 10 on the Bears 40 yd line
Young drops back, can't get the ball out to anyone and eventually a holding call is made by the Refs

1st and 20 now for the Panthers

And now it's 1st and 30 after the unusual OPi call on the Panthers
Hubbard at least runs hard.

Sanders is just . . . awful. I traded for him last year in dynasty when I was desperate. He helped me win a title, but this year has seen his reality crashing back down to earth.
Did I mention that it was dope.

Black Keys on the commercial after. Speaking of the Black Keys -- hey, remember to tip your strippers this holiday.
That totally dope Capital One ad with Santa and the Bee Gees sure is timely and dope
The disco dance floor makes that commercial fun to watch the first 3-4 times, have a bad feeling it's not going to stop until after New Years
But yes I liked it a lot the first time I saw it.

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