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*** TNF One For The Ages - Jaguars at Titans *** (1 Viewer)

How does Tajae time his jump so badly? That was weird, wanna see replay

Mariota chasing and jumping on/over Henry to tackle the defender was awesome

Oh, hell yeah. Johnny Depp in the desert with eyeliner hawking Sauvage cologne. 

eta* At least there's no Genesis halftime show with Lil' Yachty on Thursday. 

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Holy crap he jump cut BACKWARDS into the end zone and then hesitation stutter-stepped while in in the end zone! :o

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End of quarter at least gives the D a breather, probably time for Vaccaro to shake off that hit too

How did he send her jewelry if they're so far apart and surprise her? Did he mail it?

"Hey, I know what I'll do. I'll mail her a diamond or two."  

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Popped in; saw the safety, figured this game was a whole lot of nope. 

Also saw that Henry is pissing off DLewis owners. 

And how did Lewis not score on that run? His OLineman outran his block by 20 feet.   :lol:  

Evans has been so $ the last couple weeks. Big hit on the catch and then big hit on Fournette. Late but...finally looking like the stud LB he should be

As a Giants fan I am STUNNED Fournette got stoned multiple times running behind Ereck Flowers.


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