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To Trade Hunt or Howard?? (1 Viewer)


So I am being offered Julio Jones or Mike Evans for either Hunt or Howard. They also want Brandin Cooks from me and I'm offering D Thomas or Stills instead for them to give me L Murray or Aaron Jones. Whats your thoughts on this?

Current Roster:

Big Ben




B Cooks

Jared Cook







Kerryon Johnson

D. Thomas

It's a little disjointed to figure out the offer.  From what I can piece together it looks like this:

The other owner's offer is the following:

  • Hunt or Howard plus Cooks for Julio or Evans
But instead you are countering with the following:

  • Hunt or Howard plus D Thomas for Julio or Evans AND Murray or Jones

Is that correct?  If so, it seems your counter offer is quite a bit off from the other owner's initial offer.  I would not do the other owner's offer (if it is as I listed) and I doubt he does the offer you appear to be countering with.

Easy answer-No way Jose. You are giving up too much.  I would counter with (either AP, Lindsay or Kerryon) and Stills for Jones or Evans.  Aaron Jones and Murray are garbage compared to your other guys-you will probably never use them-especially once Ingram comes back. Hunt and Howard are bellcow backs and are probably worth more than Evans or Julio.


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