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Having the luxury of AJ, Calvin, and Lee Evans, yes he is riding the bench this week. Hope he and Dallas pull it together by the end of the season.

With Bowe, Walter and Holmes in a +1 per reception, I'll probably bench him. It's a coin flip between TO and Holmes right now.

This will be the 3rd week in a row I've benched him. Of course, it helps that I have AJ, Cotchery, Avery, Bowe, and Walter to choose from (12-team, 18 man rosters).

Until Romo comes back I just don't see how you can start him w/ any confidence.

ESPN just reported that they are going to try to get TO the ball a lot on quick short passes, and that the Dallas WRs are lobbying for Brooks Bollinger. Does that change anyone's mind? :goodposting:

As my #3 WR (non-PPR), I am starting TO as an 'upside' guy hoping for a TD. Leaving Breaston and Bowe on the bench.


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