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With speculation that Jessica (Yoko Ono) moved in this week...it figures he threw as may TD's to Pitt as he did for his own team...he may have cost me my playoff game. How many others did he hurt this week? I should have benched him, but in the playoffs I always play my studs. UGH.

And I'm a Giants fans rooting for this pretty boy.

Benched him for Thigpen and Ryan. PIT D in cold weather didn't look promising enough. Probably would of cost me my playoffs if I started him in one league.

I think there is now a caveat to the "always start your studs" rule:

Do NOT start your studs against the 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers. In fact, do not start ANYONE against the 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers.

Well, my choices were Romo (scored 3 points) or Trent Edwards (scored 0 points). So I made out pretty good on the deal. My league instituted a new rule that you cannot make IR pickups unless you can't field a lineup. So I was stuck with Romo.

Very disappointed in Romo. The DEF played good enough to win and Romo played bad enough to lose despite the DEF performance. Just a bitter pill as a Cowboys' fan. Now home vs the NYG and BAL before finishing @PHI. What a joyride we have down the stretch. :ptts:

Should have paid attention to my thread. :pickle:
Sorry...your thread is ridiculous.
Can't argue with history my friend.
Yes but you can argue with poor statistical analysis.But I applaud you for putting a nice ribbon on it to distract people from the obvious flaws in your reasoning.
Just because modern science can't explain it, that doesn't mean it's not true. You can scoff all you want but you can't deny that my theory pops up every single year.

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