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Too many TE's - Am I crazy? (1 Viewer)


10 team league - (10 pt/ pass, 5 pts per yd rec. & rush, .5 ppr. 6 pts all td's)

Roster - QB - Big Ben, Winston / RB - M Gordon, M Fournette (IR), M Ingram, P Barber, Ekeler / WR - Thielen, Evans, Shepard, K Coutee / TE - Olsen, Reed, Ebron / Lutz / Ravens

Long story but we carry two IR spots in  our league so now I find myself with three TE's.  Easy to say I should only carry two TE's as a maximum but with this injury prone stable it is easy to understand why I am holding three (at least in my opinion).  I would like to make a move or two to bolster my WR core or even L. Murray for this week or even add the Colts just for this week against Buffalo.

Am I crazy for sitting on three TE's?  If so which one do I cut loose?

Thanks for any input.

If TE get bonus or higher PPR, 3 is ok. But unless added value, package and trade.

however, think about their value as you are holding them to prevent another team from using them too.  

I would package a 2 for 1 deal to upgrade WR3

In a ten team league there should be something on the ww at TE if you get desperate.  Try to trade one, but other than Ebron you won't get much back.  I would drop Olsen.  

I'd go to the team that is neediest at TE and offer your best TE (which is probably Ebron) plus something to upgrade another position.  Then you can stream between Olsen and Reed (or even pick one up if one of these guys is hurt).  This kind of 2-for-1 frees up a roster spot so you can pick up somebody on the WW.


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