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Took a zero with Allen - Alter lineup? (1 Viewer)


PPR and CBS – says I’m a 1 point favorite but I’m not buying it.

Would you adjust lineups?

42.02- 0

Rivers  24.5 vs Brees (26.52)

Chubb (14.4) vs. Ingram (12.1)

J. Jackson 17.5 vs. L. Miller (13.7)

Thielen 21.0 vs. Julio Jones (21.4)

K. Allen 0.0 vs. J. Wilson (11.9)   -  I need Brieda to be a GTD and play (4pm start) his other option is Drake at 1pm

Gronkowski (14.3) vs. V. McDonald (9.1)

Gostikowski (9.3) vs. Zuerlein (11)

Vikings (16.58) vs. Lions (11.24)

117.6 to 116.96

There’s no way the Vikings DST scores that much (they average 8 a week in our setting points allowed don't matter) and HIS rankings are low enough on players where they can exceed. 

Miller plays at 4:30 Sat.  – If he stays under HOW MANY? To keep my lineup as is?  Or do you put OBJ /Shepard in?


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