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New FBG only dynasty league. Looking for active / competitive players who want to be in a league that will stick. I'm going to be selective on whom I let in, so if you PM me and don't hear back within a few hours, sorry :bag: . The league yearly fee will be 37.50$, 30$ to the pot and 7.50$ to cover MFL fee. The draft will start as soon as the league is filled/paid for but I will not rush the process just to start the draft ASAP, I want to establish a good core of guys.

League Home


WCOFF scoring which you can see on the page aswell.

This will be my first time as a commish so there might be some bumps in the road, just don't hate me to much if I make a mistake trying to figure out the MFL functions :lmao: .

PM your interest or questions :thumbup: .



Raag has been talking to me about us starting a league like this for some time; glad we're finally taking the plunge.

So if you want to be in on the ground floor on what I believe will be an active, top-notch league, post here or PM Raag.



would be interested.

currently co-commish 14 dynasty leagues on mfl.

been doing dynasty for about 8 years and am on about every day.

also am in leagues with some of the fbg 's staff.





We're halfway there, with solid, active owners.


Unique opportunity here...

When the door closes, it'll be too late...


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