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Top 2 fantasy Wr of 2018 ppr/big play league (1 Viewer)


1 ppr 

1 point for every 10 yards 

Tds at 10 

5 point bonus for 100 yard receiver and 

5 point bonus for 8 catches ..

Sutton ,



D J Moore 

Anthony Miller ,


Choose 2 ..make it count 



Despite a lower ADP, I think Gallup is the one above the rest in terms of the coming year.  He and Moore are probably the only ones that have a chance of leading their teams in WR targets this year.   All the others have studs in the WR1 position.

Sutton has Thomas

Kirk has Fitz

Ridley has Julio,

Miller has Arob

Gallup has only Hurns to compete with and a whole mess of new targets to divvy up with Dez and Witten gone, and Dak is probably a better QB than Cam in terms of feeding his WR.

I would go Gallup and then either Ridley or Moore.


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