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Top 3 Rookies (1 Viewer)

As of now here's how I'm leaning

1) Tavon Austin-I'm a huge believer in this guy and think he should find himself to be extremely productive. He's a matchup nightmare for any defense opposing him. If you're picking 1.01 I think you usually have to go talent>> so if all things are equal in terms of need, I'd take Austin first

2) Eddie Lacy-Packers drafting Franklin doesn't particularly sit well with me but it seems as though they plan on using Lacy as their main guy. He will never be featured in that offense but he will certainly be able to pick up a good amount of scores and benefit from all the nickel defenses he is going to see. Think Stevan Ridley

3) Probably between Leve'on Bell and Gio Bernard but being a Steeler fan, I'm choosing Bell who will have close to 0 competition where as Bernard will be splitting carries with Green-Ellis. The general consensus seems to say that Bernard is the better prospect but there are certain analysts who are sky high on Bell. I think Bell is probably one of the more intriguing guys to watch this year and see how he pans out

I'm thinking it's Austin, Ball, and Patterson.I see Ball taking over for the Broncos and that offense he could be really productive. Patterson for the same reason as Austin. I think both those guys are going to get a ton of looks and the Vikings are going to want him involved right away.Austin is going to be HUGE. I see a very big production jump right away and in ppr league, I don't think it's even close.Lacey would have been my number 2 had the Packers not have drafted Franklin, but they did and this speaks a ton to what Ted is thinking IMO. Franklin could steal carries and receptions. Ball is my first back and with how much Wisconsin used him the Broncos need him to contribute right away. Just my opinion.
yeah, this should be one of the more interesting rookie drafts in recent memory. Any RB playing with Peyton is usually fantasy gold and I was with you but then i brought it up to a few people and they made some good points so here's a few things to consider:

1) John Fox usually doesn't play rookie RB's in their first year. If they end up cutting McGahee though, I don't see how Ball doesn't at least get an opportunity to beat out Moreno and Hillman

2) This is more for dynasty but how much longer does Peyton have? Do you really want to draft a RB within the top 3 when all his value is tied to a 37-38 year old QB playing. It's a tough call. Montee Ball ended up in the best possible scenario really but I wouldn't necessarily feel comfortable taking him top 3. Top 5? Maybe

Austin is my clear number 1.

I'm all of a sudden pretty comfortable with Patterson at number 2.

3 is where the big question gets asked, and it's pretty much a matter of RB preference. I would go Bernard, but Bell/Lacy/Ball all have legitimate causes for interest.

So really, after the first two




Ball (If he can pick up protection quickly to avoid a 'Dammit Donald' situation, he should deliver given the Denver RB value from a redraft POV)

Austin, Patterson, and Bernard.

Austin and Patterson have the best chance to explode as their team's #1s and contribute in multiple ways. Their ability is rare.

Bernard will play immediately, and has the talent to turn a handful of touches into a high scoring week. Pre-draft I would have leaned Lacy or Franklin, but I don't want to be the one guessing how carries shake out in a pass-first offense. Ball and Bell just seem like replaceable talents. Ball's limited in pass pro and I don't trust his vision; he's a dancer. Bell lacks burst and runs soft, and Pitt's OL won't give him any holes. In the right scoring league, I can see taking them, but...they just have that Daniel Thomas/Delone Carter feel to me in this draft, where people take them more because of perceived value than actual.

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