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top five defenses through week 3 (1 Viewer)


Everyone knows the seahawks defense is great, and sure enough, they've allowed the fewest points in the nfl through this point in the season. Can you name the rest of the top five without looking? We are looking for fewest points allowed.

Chiefs are an obvious one. Maybe Cincinnati?

Edit: Sorry, didn't realize you said fewest points allowed. Was thinking fantasy points.

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weebs said:
Nyj, kc, Seahawks, no, ne?
not bad at all.

seahawks (27)

patriots (34)

chiefs (34)

panthers (36)

saints (38)

the colts (48), jets (50), dolphins (53), titans (56), cowboys (55), titans (56) and bucs (57) round out the top 1/3 of the NFL. The Giants, on the other hand, have allowed a whopping 115 points.

Don't overlook the Ravens - yeah, they got steamrolled in week 1 but haven't allowed a TD since. They should be a solid DST play the rest of the way.

Just checked my local, 5 of the 10 ten defenses are available on waivers.

I picked up the Chiefs last week but started the Bills against the Jets. The plan was to roll with the Bills and Chiefs as a committee because they have complementary schedules. Bills sucked ### and the Chiefs looked good even against the mighty Eagles offense, so I may just roll with the Chiefs from now on.


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