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Top Keepers. Have 24, need 10-12. (1 Viewer)


Won a very competitive 26 team dynasty/keeper league last year. (Two leagues of 13 teams, where the winner of each league plays the other winner in a 2 week Super Bowl). 

Auction format draft. $275 budget. New players get signed to 3 yr contracts. 

PPR, TE Premium (1.3). QBs 6pt RushTD, 3pt PassTD, -0.35 for  incompletions. 

14 slots - 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, Flex (RB/WR/TE), DST, K, + 7 Bench

Biggest dillema stems from last year the league allowed unlimited IR spots for anyone tagged IR, OUT, &/or Covid-19. This led to ending with (24) players (for 14 roster spots). 

Didn't break any rules... just had a ton of injuries (like Dobbins) & rarely dropped anyone who qualified for an IR spot. (This year, the IR rules will change back, likely to 2 IR spots). 

Looking to pare this list down to the top 10-12. 

Have a pretty good idea about 10, but questioning upside for the rest & leaving maybe 1-4 spots open to fill via the auction draft.

Any help/thoughts on who to drop/keep is appreciated. 

Josh Allen (2022/$12) (keep)

Kyler Murray (2021/$0) (likely keep) (have privilege of bidding $1 less than final auction bid)

Trey Lance (2022/$4)

Austin Ekeler (2021/$0) (keep) (have privilege of bidding $5 less than final auction bid)

Leonard Fournette (2023/$4) (keep)

AJ Dillon (2022/$5) (likely keep)

Cam Akers (2022/$4) (keep)

JK Dobbins (2023/$4) (keep)

Kareem Hunt (2022/$22)

Tony Pollard (2022/$4)

Sony Michel (2023/$4)

Raheem Mostert (2023/$20)

Michael Thomas (2023/$14) (keep) 

Allen Robinson (2022/$4) (likely keep)

Gabriel Davis (2022/$9) (likely keep)

Tyler Lockett 2021 ($0) (have to drop/contract over) (can only save/renew 1 player @ $1 draft discount. Choice is between Lockett & K. Murray)

KJ Osborn (2022/$6)

Marvin Jones (2022/$6)

Kadarious Toney (2022/$5)

Juju Smith-Schuster (2023/$19)

Jacobi Meyers (2022/$4)

Rondale Moore (2024/$2)

Travis Kelce (2022/$64) (keep)

TJ Hockenson (2022/$7) (keep)


Last edited by a moderator:
In order to answer this properly we need to know the contract status of all the players to factor that into the evaluation.  That is a key component to the evaluation and I can't really make an informed decision without that info.

In a vacuum the 12 you have marked as keepers seems acceptable.  

Thanks. 1st time jumping on the forums, so wasn't sure how much info to throw in. I updated/included all the contract/salary info. 


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