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Total Redraft League Needs An Owner! (1 Viewer)


Hey Folks,

I have a team for sale in my Ultimate Survivor League.

It's a total redraft league with a 16 round regular snake draft. The league fee is $50, which is due by as soon as you join the league and the draft will start on Sunday, August 18th. It will be a slow timer draft with a 12 hour timer. We usually get done in about 5-7 days max. 16 player rosters with a starting lineup of 1 QB, 1-2 RB's, 3-4 WR's, 0-1 TE, 1 K and 1 Def for a total of 9 starters. Waivers run twice a week. Waiver request from Sunday at 1 pm to Wed at 10 pm. Then FCFS from 10:15 pm on Wed until 1 pm on Sunday.

Here's a link to the league bylaws page: http://football23.myfantasyleague.com/2013/options?L=45263&O=26

Here's a link to the league scoring page: http://football23.myfantasyleague.com/2013/options?L=45263&O=09
The thing that makes this league so much fun is it's a survivor type league.

The way it works is pretty simple. During each week of the season, the goal is to score as many fantasy points as possible. The reason for this is because
starting after the week 6 games, the bottom team in the standings gets booted from the league. So after the week 6 games, I will go onto the site and the team with the least number of Fantasy points gets the boot. Then after the week 7 games, the next lowest scoring team gets the boot. etc etc etc all the way up until
there are 2 teams left. At the end of week 16, the team with the most points in the standings is the league champion and the other team is the runner up.
BTW another twist to this league is, once a team is booted, all of their players are dropped back into the FA pool of players. The remaining owners are then allowed to pick over them and add whoever they want as long as they stay within the 16 player roster and keep in mind the league starting lineup requirements. Obviously most of the top quality players are picked up during the first waivers period, but there are still some quality players left when we get to FCFS waivers. The key is adding the right players back to your roster. Because after all, those players obviously didn't help the team that got booted all that much. lol
Anyway, the first person who sends me an email to LoneWolf1023@aol.com and who can pay today will get the spot. The league fee was actually do on August 1st. I had an owner drop out at the last minute. So this is why you must be able to pay right away.

Please make sure you mention the team for sale in the Ultimate Survivor League.



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