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Saints Coach Sean Payton said Tuesday that rookie cornerback Tracy Porter dislocated his wrist during Monday's game and needed surgery to repair it.

"His wrist was dislocated," Payton said. "He had a procedure done to put it back in place, so we'll have an announcement, I think, soon, in regards to the time frame. Right now I don't want to speculate, but I know the procedure went well."

Payton said that Porter was taken to the hospital Monday night and was scheduled to released Tuesday

Saints Beat

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That injury looked bad in real time. I almost threw up a post last night, but it's just too hard to speculate on injuries any more. Thankfully, it's the type of injury that he should be able to fully recover from his injury soon.

Saints rookie defensive back Tracy Porter underwent surgery to repair his injured wrist and now has been placed on the IR, according to the AP.

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:goodposting: Had been a nice find for me in my 16 team dynasty (DB 25)

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