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Trade Advice - J. Howard for Wilson & Drake (1 Viewer)


Looking for advice on a trade I was just offered.

I was just offered his Jordan Howard for my Russell Wilson & Kenyan Drake (half point PPR).

He lost Handsome Jimmy last week, and I have Rivers as a serviceable back-up. My running backs are rough right now, with Fournette, Kenyan Drake, and Tevin Coleman as my only backs. I've lost faith in Drake so getting Howard would be a nice upgrade. I'm also worried about Schottenheimer's impact on Russell Wilson's overall upside this year, since I'm of the belief that he's a pretty garbage offensive coordinator.

Should I rush to slam the accept button, or counter with Coleman instead of Drake?

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First off-post your roster and starting requirements so we get the whole picture. You say Rivers is a back up-is he your #1 or a back up?  


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