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Trade advice? McLaurin offer received (1 Viewer)


Receive McLaurin
Give up Watson, ODB, Michael Wilson and 2024 3rd

Thoughts on this offer I received?
Accept? Reject? Counter?

Dynasty league start

My roster
Jones, Mac NEP QB 213.45 113.07
Stroud, C.J. HOU QB (R) ‐ 72.01
Watson, Deshaun CLE QB 101.60 5
Wilson, Russell DEN QB (Q) 276.00 9

Gainwell, Kenneth PHI RB 88.10 102.06
Henderson, Darrell FA RB 73.50 -1.08
Hull, Evan IND RB (R) ‐ 113.12
Perine, Samaje DEN RB 142.10 9
Robinson, Bijan ATL RB (R) ‐ 111.01
Strong Jr., Pierre NEP RB 27.20 114.01
Taylor, Jonathan IND RB (Q) 152.40 111.02
White, Zamir LVR RB 7.90 132.07 (2022)
Williams, Javonte DEN RB (Q) 44.10 91.06

Beckham, Odell BAL WR ‐ 13
Davis, Corey NYJ WR 97.60 7
Higgins, Tee CIN WR 220.90 72.02 (2020)
Hollins, Mack ATL WR 154.20 11
Jefferson, Van LAR WR 78.90 103.02
Johnson, Diontae PIT WR 180.70 62.12
Palmer, Josh LAC WR 169.30 53.03 (2021)
Parker, DeVante NEP WR 102.90 11
Pittman, Michael IND WR 218.50 111.13
Ridley, Calvin JAC WR ‐ 9
Williams, Jameson DET WR (S)15.10 9 1.07
Wilson, Michael ARI WR (R) ‐ 144.01

Dulcich, Greg DEN TE (Q) 86.10 94.07
Gesicki, Mike NEP TE 98.20 11

His roster
Ridder, Desmond ATL QB 49.80 11
Stafford, Matthew LAR QB 143.75 10

Chestnut, Julius TEN RB 8.40 7
Edwards, Gus BAL RB 61.30 13
Haskins, Hassan TEN RB 26.00 73.07
Henry, Derrick TEN RB 308.80 7
Hunt, Kareem FA RB 126.90 -3.11
Robinson, James NEP RB 88.60 11
Sanders, Miles CAR RB 222.20 71.02
Spears, Tyjae TEN RB (R) ‐ 72.07
Warren, Jaylen PIT RB 93.30 6

Brown, A.J. PHI WR 303.60 101.10
Chark, D.J. CAR WR (Q) 98.20 7
Diggs, Stefon BUF WR 316.90 13
Hodgins, Isaiah NYG WR 102.20 13
Jeudy, Jerry DEN WR 204.20 91.04 (2020)
McLaurin, Terry WAS WR 229.70 144.10
Metchie, John HOU WR ‐ 72.05 (2022)
Pickens, George PIT WR 166.50 61.08

Hooper, Austin LVR TE 97.40 13
Kittle, George SFO TE 202.50 9
Tonyan, Robert CHI TE 112.00 13
Woods, Jelani IND TE 74.20 114.11

Bills, Buffalo BUF Def 158.00 13
Ravens, Baltimore BAL Def 148.00 13
I'd reject. You've got good strength already at WR, but not so much at QB. Wilson is a question mark after last season, and if that carries over to this year trading away Watson would be a disaster. If you have Robinson it means you have already had your rookie draft, so limited opportunity to enrich at the QB position.
I don't think you need to give up a younger QB for older WR.
On his Roster I like Tyjae Spears and AJB more. I think it's a little early to trade MWilson. I think he has upside.
I think you have QBs that are expected to have better years save for MAC Jones.
CJ could be long term. Russ could be weekly starter for you 1-3 years if he plays like he's capable and others aren't picking it up.
Watson has elite upside if he quits being a pervert.
With your starting options you need ELITE caliber players.
You've got Bijan, JT... #1#2 RBs.

Tee Higgins
Diontae is somewhere in there but I like Jameson W's upside.
I think you can trade/drop ODB, Corey Davis,

Who grabbed Zach Evans, LAR RBs, LAC Rbs? there are UDFA on MIA to watch.
I'd would also look or consider moves to trade Devante Parker, Calvin Ridley mid season if they pop up in value and any other WR that you wouldn't "build around"

As a start up you've got a first year of chaos. Sell off the old dudes. WIN NOW if possible sure but consider "Embracing the suck" now. We're headed into year 6 of our Dynasty league. I embraced the suck year 1 only tried to add value with intention of winning year 3 while reloading each year. Finished 5th of 10 year 1. ..... 2nd, 1st, 1st, 2nd. last 4 years and I have 6 draft picks in 1st 3 rounds. and my team is loaded. For the dudes that will apply a "redraft" approach to dynasty sell them on immediate gratification of ODB, Corey Davis, WRs 28 or older. I don't acquire WRs over 25 or 26 unless they're elite and paired with a QB during a WIN NOW mode run. I don't acquire RBs over 24 typically. I would on a case by case basis. But look to grab future starting RBs. Right now I own Dameon Pierce and Brian Robinson. They're Flex starters for my squad. I don't see Pierce's value getting much higher for talent/situation and would probably sell high or somewhat high. I did sell Rhamondre too soon but was OK living with the outcome. I also own Chubb, JTaylor. JKD, AJ DIllon. I think you're lacking one of the younger elite WR1s in a top OFF. JJ, Chase, ... in MIA... Waddle is the dynasty WR to own even if you're nervous about QB situation/health. I think JSN is the guy to own in Seattle. CRidley was the heir apparent behind Julio Jones. Now he's on the older side. MTHomas missed the last few years oddly after never missing a game in 5yrs I think. Olave is the dude there. I think AmonRa STB is probably performing at his ceiling. It's good ceiling but just not as high as some others. AJB in PHI... my fear with his is that he plays so physical, will it create injuries for him?

I traded older players for future draft picks. AND i used the roster spots to acquire the FUTURE REPLACEMENTS of current top performers. SO LIKE Tyjae Spears for DHenry situations. JSN for Lockett, Waddle was good w/o THill and good with THILL. DLondon, JDotson are future guys worth considering. CKIRK probably undervalued in the OFF of JAX but I don't see him as T1 elite but a WR1 caliber. I'm rambling.

Hope it helps

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