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Trade Advice Needed - does this help or hurt? (1 Viewer)


Help me out everyone - if you were me, Team B, would you make this trade that was offered to me today? Am I giving up too much???Team A Offered To Give:Morris, Maurice SEA RBSmith, L.J. PHI TEArchuleta, Adam STL S Team B To Give Up:Houston, Cedric NYJ RBMartin, Curtis NYJ RBKinney, Erron TEN TE Here are my other players, excluding the players in the trade: Tom BradyAaron BrooksLTMike AndersonKevin JonesTorry HoltSteve SmithRod SmithEddie KennisonChris ChambersAmani ToomerJulius PeppersReggie HaywardRod ColemanOsi UmenioryaJohn HendersonJonathan VilmaKirk MorrisonLemar MarshallDat NgyenAdalius ThomasMichael BoulwareTroy PalamaluSt. Louis Special Teams

You were one of the guys I was hoping would respond.Thx - it is a done deal!!!!Good Luck the rest of the way!!!

yep, even more of a reason if it was a keeper league. Even so, you dont need martin, so i would say you did well.


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