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Trade Advice - WHIR 100% (1 Viewer)


Looking at trying to make a trade.

Option A:

Elliott for

Mixon + Mahomes

He literally just wants Elliott. He doesn't want to give up Kamara, which I wanted and I would have given up some more capital.

Option B:

Elliott + Green for

M.Gordon + Thomas

Feels like a useless trade. Gordon will be splitting targets, but Thomas has a great playoff schedule.

QB - Roethlisberger

WR - Green, Baldwin, Goodwin, Crowder, Allison

RB - Elliott, Henry, Burkehead, Michel, Morris, Breida

TE - Kittle

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Mixon is going to miss more than two weeks and the trade of Ben to Mahomes isn't worth Elliott.

Hold on regarding B - you may be getting the better guy in each scenario - Gordon over Elliott and Thomas over Green.  I might do that.


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