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10-team Half-PPR redraft league.

GIVE:  Deshaun Watson, Christian McCaffrey

GET:  Patrick Mahomes, Joe Mixon

I had my two guys rated higher going into the season, so not sure how much one week swings this.  Half PPR helps McCaffrey, but Mixon and Mahomes sure looked good.

Any votes?

Whooaaa do not make that trade. Mahomes only had one game which hasn't really defined him. Watson was clicking on all cylinders last season and is bound for a bounce back. McCaffrey clearly benefits more with the 0.5 ppr than Mixon - Mixon may settle down even.

Don't do that trade, keep what you have.

I don't think the offer is totally out of whack.  I like Mixon a lot, and both Mahomes and Watson are still a mystery.  You don't learn a lot in one game. After week 1 Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like superman, but nobody wants him because we know who he is.  I agree with the others, let the season play out a little.  One of the problems is that nobody plays in the preseason any more so they need a couple of games to show who they really are.

If Ryan Fitzpatrick does what he did Sunday for 16 games he will have 6600 yards passing, 64 tds, 576 yrds rushing and 16 tds.  I just don't think that will happen.

  I also think teams are thinking, we need to actually cover Tyreek Hill.

I ended up taking the following:

GAVE:  Deshaun Watson, Christian McCaffrey, Quincy Enunwa

GOT:  Patrick Mahomes, Joe Mixon, Royce Freeman

For me, this really came down to being really high on Mixon and scared about McCaffrey, but it's certainly a very fair challenge trade.  We'll see what happens...

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