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My team:

QBs: A.Smith, M.Trubisky

RBs: A.Kamara, L.Miller, C.Hyde, R.Penny

WRs: T.Hill, K.Allen, K.Golladay, J.Edelman, D.Pettis

TE: K.Rudolph

PPR, start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE. Currently 2-0

I am being offered: Gronkowski, Goff, C.Davis

I send: K.Allen, J.Edelman, K.Rudolph

If I accept, I’m dropping Pettis and Trubisky. WR options include K.Cole, J.Brown, D.Jackson. RB options include C.Clement and M.Brieda

Rudolph is droppable to me, and I’m not sure what I’ll get from Edelman when he returns. Getting Gronk is huge and I think Davis provides good WR2/WR3 value. Goff is playing well and Waldman has him as a buy moving forward.

Appreciate any feedback!

If I decline, QB upgrades include Fitzpatrick (FAAB bidding) and TE upgrades could be OJ Howard. 

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I would stay put. Allen is a top 5 wr, and rudolph has put up respectable but not gronk numbers. 8 targets in week 2 is a great cut of the passing volume. If you must trade Allen, I would turn him around for a high end RB. Someone to start next to Kamara. Golladay and Edelman, even pettis have some hype to them right now. I would try and find a WR needy team to trade with for a RB. 

Stay put, It's not the worst deal but Allen is too much to give up and Edelman should be a borderline wr1/wr2 when he returns.


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